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Elcirkeln is an electrician firm in Lund, Sweden. After having relocated the firm they felt it was time to give the company a fresh new look and decided to re-do the website and logo. I was commissioned to help them develop this, as well as taking new photos of reference projects for the website.


We agreed that a completely new logo wasn't the best way to go, since they'd already built up a certain brand recognition. Instead the logo was to be developed and be more clear in conveying what Elcirkeln is and what the goals are. The result is a green cable twisting around the name, telling the  customers about the electricians that work with green energy. The website was also colored green to help emphesize this.




Elcirkeln's logo on white background with green border
Close-up of Elcirkeln's logo on black background
Elcirkeln's symbol in white on lime green background
Elcirkeln's logo on black and white image of light installation inside a house
Elcirkeln's home page with the text din trygghet vårt ansvar being displayed on macbook pro
Elcirkeln's website showing on laptop and mobile screens on top of desk
Iphone 6 on white background showing images from Elcirkeln's website
Hand holding an Iphone that displays info page from Elcirkeln's website

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