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Fear of Red

Photo Book

School Assignment

Fear of Red is my solution to an assignment where we were to layout our own photo book with our own images. I based it on the idea of trying to blend the  storytelling in photography, literature and films. The book is centered around a  story about the emotional trauma after the end of a relationship, and its told through text and images. The photos are made to look like still images from a film, and the cinematography was inspired by old film-noir movies, and the work of David Lynch and Darren Aronofsky.


35 pages

300 mm x 150 mm

Cover of Fear of Red showing a person in red light in front of branshes in blue light
Photo of spread with white text on black background
Photo of spead displaying a man and a woman in a dark car
Image of page from Fear of Red displaying a man and woman in dark surrounding
Photo of page from Fear of Red showing a man in red light with blue light behind
Image of spread showing a man and a woman on either side looking at each other
Page with photo of a red lighted scarecrow at night
Image of spread with chaotic red text on black background
Dark photo of person in red lighted environment
Page from Fear of Red showing a handshake with red light from the hands
Photo of spread in Fear of Red with a blurry person in red lighting

© Christopher Langas,

graphic designer & photographer