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Commissioned Work

IA Brandskydd is a fire-proofing company that works with securing steel constructions against fire. They approached me to help them develop a logo and website for their newly started company.


The concept for the logo was based on the idea of communicating a safer fire. This was done by making the flame blue:  a color that conveys security and stability. My research of the competition revealed that basically all of them use red/orange/yellow flames, and a blue color would act as a way to differentiate IA Brandskydd from the competitors. The website was also colored blue to add to this feeling, as well as having a clean  design to convey a more calm impression of the company.



Website (desktop version only)

IA Brandskydd's logo on white background
IA Brandskydd's logo on top of black and white image of three people working at a desk
IA Brandskydd's logo on top of image with apartment building and blue sky
Three images showing all of IA Brandskydd's website
Laptop showing info page from IA Brandskydd's website
Laptop showing home page on IA Brandskydd's website
Laptop showing IA Brandskydd's website and the services they provide

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