Bachelor Project

Malmoe has a thriving underground night club scene. Every weekend hundreds of people attend the secret parties, called "black clubs" and enjoy this fringe night life. The clubs are privately run by independent organizers and they pose a threat to the legal night clubs, "white clubs" if you will, in Malmoe since they're open longer, are cheaper, and can easily adapt to the customers needs. They’re also illegal.


My bachelor project is an attempt to bridge the gap between the illegal and legal parties in Malmö, and see if there's a possibility for a club to have the best of both worlds. I conducted my research through interviews with club arrangers from both sides, and target group surveys.


The solution is ORIGO – a nightclub that promotes itself like a black club, and delivers the experience of a white one. With a strategy to work closely with brand ambassadors to build credible hype, promote the venue discreetely to build curiosity, and let the customers influence the brand, Origo sells itself to a narrow target group that values being at the best party, having a connection to the rest of the attendants, and high quality Techno.




Origo's brand values exclusivity, progressivity, and community
Origo logo animation on black background
Black and white versions of Origo's logo
Origo's color scheme for its visual identity
Origo's typeface in its visual identity, on top of image of people dancing
gif with green radiowaves and text Malmö mrdr girls
Animation for Origo with green vibrating radiowaves and text reading Malmö MRDR Girls
Animation with blue radiowaves and text Nicki Mouda
Animation for Origo displaying line-up for a made-up event
Phone displaying social media post for Origo, displaying purple abstract shape
Phone displaying made-up Facebook event for Malmö Murder GRLS at Origo
Social media post for Origo, reading Påverka Origos Bokningar with surrounding red radio waves
Phone displaying social media post for Origo, with text reading Nicki Mouda
Origo's logo on top of image of dark dance floor with red lighting

© Christopher Langas,

graphic designer & photographer