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Rust Live

Visual Identity

Work Assignment

The Copenhagen music venue Rust wanted to update the visual identity for it’s concert subsidiary, since the aesthetic at the time wasn’t unified in a strong and cohesive manner.


The idea was to visualize how Rust's concerts creates an environment packed with energy, and we wanted to develop an identity that would be instantly recognizable. The solution was to reduce the imagery to black and white, with a single blue color that decorate the images – just like the concerts that colors the guests' weekends.





Rust's logo on top of photo of crowd
Rust Live's typeface for its visual identity
Rust Live's color scheme in it's visual identity, on top photo of an artist
Photo of a performing artist with Rust Live's visual identity
Phone displaying social media post for Rust Live
Laptop showing Rust Live's Facebook page
Laptop showing a Facebook event for Rust Live
Laptops showing Rust Live's webpage

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